Informasi Emperor’s Road & Syarat

  1. There is a State Capital in every State.
  2. Every player can occupy no more than 2 State Capitals
  3. Capitals are not counted as a city owned by a player.
  4. The attacking army send by your league members will automatically switch to support mode if the city is occupied by you when they arrive.
  5. State Capitals will provide powerful buffs to the player who occupied it.
  6. You can recruit all kinds of army at their highest level in the State Capitals.
  7. Players are allowed to transport resources to the State Capitals.
  8. You cannot transport resources from State Capitals to other cities.
  9. The constructions in the State Capitals can not be upgraded or demolished.
  10. You cannot attack State Capitals with Battering Rams, Demolishers or Lobbyists.
  11. You can use any amount of resource packages in the Capital City.
  12. Some feature of the Governor can not be used in the State Capitals.

Empire Leader

  1. The Lord of Qin is a noble rank which players can fight for since the opening of server. The players with the highest Contribution Value that is over 2,234,400, will gain the title of Lord of Qin. This title will be re-calculated at 24:00 each Saturday, and will not change for the week.
  2. Lord of Wei, Shu or Wu: Player should occupy the appointed State Capital, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500. Player can not get the title if he does not have enough Contribution Value, or lose control of the State Captial. If he occupies more than 1 appointed State Capitals, the title will be shown as the order below: Wei>Shu>Wu. Related State Capitals: Wei: Pu-yang; Shu: Cheng-du; Wu: Jian-ye.
  3. Grand Minister: The Imperial Capital will appear after the State Capitals are activated. You need to occupy 2 State Capitals to seize the Imperial Capital. If you have not occupied 2 State Capitals, you can attack the Imperial Capital as well, but can not occupy it. If you have 1,396,500 Contribution Value points or more, when you occupy the Imperial Capital, you will gain the title of Grand Minister. If you lose control of the Imperial Capital, or one of your 2 State Capitals, you will lose the title as well.
  4. When the State Capital appears for more than 30 days, the player with more than 2,234,400 Contribution Value points will be allowed to build Imperial Palace in the Imperial Capital. When the Palace reaches level 5, every time when you upgrade it, you will under attack by NPC army. There will be a final wave of army attacking when your Palace reaches level 20. If you survive in these attacks, you will get the title of Emperor. If your defence is broke out through any wave of attack, the level of your Palace will be decrease to level 5. During or after the challenge, if the keeper of Imperial Capital can not occupy more than 2 State Capitals, the level of Palace will also be reduced to 5. The title, if is already obtained, will be lost at the same time. You need to upgrade the level of Palace and defend for it again.
  5. Effect of Emperor: As the Emperor, all the cities will gain the following effects:
    Aura of Emperor: Recruit speed in all your cities increase by 20%.
    Talented Minister: You can gain extra 20 Contribution Value when you donate Tribute Tokens.
    Experieced Army: All your army get 15% extra Attack and Defens.
  6. Effect of Grand Minister: As the Grand Minister, all the cities will gain the following effects:
    Talented Minister: You can gain extra 20 Contribution Value when you donate Tribute Tokens.
    Experieced Army: All your army get 15% extra Attack and Defens.
  7. Lord of Qin, Wei, Shu or Wu: Once a player gained one of these titles, he wil get a bonus for all the cities, increase their attack and defense of all his army by 15%.
  8. If a player obtains more than 1 title, only the highest title will be effective. For example, if a player gains the title of Lord of Wei, Lord of Qin and Grand Minister at the same time, his status will be calculated as Grand Minister, instead of the stacked effect of the 3 titles.

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